Edmonton Pride Festival Planning Committees

We are seeking committee members who identify as part of the LGBT2S+ community.

Each committee is guided by a Committee Lead who shares committee input with the Event Director.

Community Engagement

Ensuring all voices within the queer community are represented, engaging with local organizations to help them use PrideFest as a platform to spread their message.

Funding & Partnerships

Researching grant opportunities and establishing partnerships with government and corporate partners.

Parade Coordination

Coordination of Alberta biggest Pride parade

Pride Awards

Select nominees and award recipients of an annual Alberta Pride Award

Film Festival

Film selection and coordination of a Queer film festival with a focus on celebrating QTBIPOC films

Volunteer Team

Coordination of our amazing family of volunteers


Shortlist potential headline acts, coordination of al performers

Rainbow Road

Coordination of the Rainbow Road (vendor market)

Pride Guide

of advertisers and event/community listings in the official Edmonton Pride Guide

Social Media/Street Team

Keeping all our social accounts active, distribution of event posters

Visitor Experience

Promotion/marketing of the festival to visitors from outside the Edmonton area. Establishing visitor experiences with the participation of local hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, airlines, motor coach services etc.

Time Commitment

Committees will meet via Zoom once or twice a month. Meetings typically last one hour.

Committee Leads will often be required to complete other work taking place outside of the zoom meetings.

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