Targeted Medical Marijuana Strains Create Relaxed Friendship Bonds and Better Social Settings Through Heightened

Many people have anxiety, especially in social settings. When you smoke, vape, or eat medical marijuana, you may be inclined to talk or relax; it varies based on the strain. You will be in tune with your surroundings because marijuana helps heighten your awareness. High concentrations of CBD may also reduce the ill effects anxiety causes. Meet new people and comfortably make friends all while you medicate and ease your nerves with medical marijuana and targeted strains.

Indica and Sativa Medical Marijuana Strains

There are two types of marijuana plants to concentrate on, Sativa or Indica.

The Sativa strain is more mental as opposed to the Indica strain. Indica’s provide deep physical relaxation. Is your goal to hang out and meet a lot of new people? If this is the case, it would be wise for you to choose a Sativa strain, which increases energy, instead of the comforting body knockout Indica’s normally provide.

If you are looking for an upbeat type of feeling, then Sativa strains may be your top choice, as this medical marijuana hybrid provides a clearer mindset and gets you off of the couch. Of course, if you have massive anxiety this strain could enhance it, so it may be wise to mix Indica and Sativa strains together to achieve a balance for your social anxiety; gain a talkative, relaxing, yet social attitude. If your anxiety increases with Stativas then stick solely with Indica’s and vise-versa.

Indica Effects:

  • Slow down never-ending time and relax your mind
  • Ease your nerves, muscles, and body
  • Add more dopamine to the reward center in your brain (improve happiness and brain chemistry)
  • Reduce the feeling of being nauseous
  • Minimize some aches and pains
  • Get better sleep

Sativa Effects:

  • Keeps anxiety at bay (varies per person)
  • Aids with chronic pain
  • Improves chronic depression
  • Add serotonin to your depleted brain (better your mood, your REM sleep, and anxiety attacks)

Strengthen Your Communication Skills with Marijuana Strains

After you administer your targeted legal prescription, you will sense greater awareness that will overtake you; it will create a social being that draws in new friends to your circle because your aura will radiate calmness, happiness, relaxation, and peace. After all, people are drawn to others who are positive and cheerful.
You may even find out that your new friends indulge in this aesthetic plant as well. If they do, thumbs up, you’ve met another match.

Keep Up-to-Date with Cannabis Regulations

Since laws and regulations continue to shift and constantly gather controversy surrounding the medical marijuana topic, it is wise to quiet the noise by keeping your medication to yourself.

Since medical marijuana laws can change, year-to-year and in some cases month-to-month, with an unstable government, it is vital to read the news as often as you can. Be aware of any new bills being entered, addressed, or passed; this is in your best interest.

Bond With Other Personalities by Using Medical Marijuana

When you heighten your overall awareness in social settings, you become more cognizant about how other people are feeling, and you may subconsciously and perfectly interpret their nonverbal body language to a tee.

Connecting with others by lessening social anxiety with cannabis will gain you more friends and allies. You will be able to relate more to others, once you let your anxiety barriers down. You will allow yourself to be more genuine and will draw in like-minded souls.

Let’s face it, medical marijuana offers tons of benefits to its medical patients. Any person who has constant anxiety is often plagued by thoughts of impending doom; when a medical patient administers this natural herb, they may finally feel their heart rate drop to a healthier level, resulting in a comforting feeling that spreads from the mind to the body.  The same concept should be used when mentioning people who suffer from social anxiety; with the right strain, people can improve their communication game and their own name; you may even reach fame from making so many new friends.

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