How To Smoke A Joint And Look Like a Pro Doing It!

In the world of weed what could be more classic than a joint? They’re small, discreet, easy to take with you on the go, and they just look cool!

So, Is smoking a joint properly so easy that anyone can do it? Smoking might be intuitive for some people, but others continue to struggle. Many questions come up…How do you hold it, how do you inhale, and how long you hold it?

Why do you think most people don’t get stoned the first time they smoke a joint?

They more often than not, just don’t know what they are doing. Even experienced smokers might have a thing or two to learn, or a bad habit to break.

There is No Such Thing as the Right Way

Remember, before getting started, that there is not necessarily a right way and a wrong way to smoke weed. Some ways are far more effective, efficient and stylish, but it doesn’t mean the other methods are wrong. Everyone has their style and preference and once you practice a bit you will soon develop your own.

This guide is to help you fake it until you make it or toke it, so you don’t choke it, so to speak. We aim to help you get the most out of your experience by educating you on the basics, enjoy!

Your Step by Step guide to Smoking like a Pro

Step 1 – The Product

The first step should always be about the product. Choosing the right strain will make all the difference and set the mood for your experience. If you’re not sure about what you are looking for, check out some of the benefits associated with both Sativa and Indica strains to help with your decision. You may also consider asking a budtender at one of your local dispensaries, they’re sure to drop some knowledge.

Step 2 – The Supplies

After selecting the product, you will need to gather you supplies.

You will need 3 things

  1. Grinder
  2. Rolling paper
  3. Filter

For the rolling paper it’s always about preference but a universal place to start is with RAW rolling papers. They have a wide variety of products so you are sure to find whatever it is your looking for to fulfill your needs. You can find these at any local smoke shop.

Any Grinder will do and if you don’t have one, your hands or scissors will suffice, just make sure to break it down in to little nugs.

For the filter, you’ve got a few options. You can roll your own or buy premade filter tips. Or you can use a reusable glass filter tip.

Step 3 – Roll it up

The next step is to get it all rolled up and ready to go.

If you have absolutely no experience smoking weed, the best way to start is with a joint. Why?

Because smoking weed out of a bong or other device can deliver a powerful punch. You can’t overdose from marijuana, but there is such a thing as getting too stoned. It’s called ‘greening out.’

Learning to roll is an essential step to becoming a professional. It’s a right of passage! There is no better way of looking like you know what you’re doing, then rolling a perfect joint.

So watch a few how-to guidesand the best way to perfect this craft of course is, practice, practice, and more practice! If you mess it up on your first go, there is no reason why you can’t simply try again. Take a breath and take a few pointers from Mr. Pineapple Express himself Seth Rogen!

A few key Tips:

  •         Bigger is better!
  •         Dry hands are a vital aspect of handling both weed and rolling papers. If you   find yourself getting nervous, and your palms start sweating, just take a break. There is no easier way to ruin a joint than with sweaty hands.
  •         Grind your weed properly. Not only will it be easier to roll, but it will also be easier to smoke.

Step 4 – Light Up

Unlike a cigarette, you don’t want to light up the joint while holding it in your mouth, hold it in your hand. But lighting a joint isn’t quite as simple as it sounds. You need to light it the right way if you want it to burn all the way evenly down.

The goal is to create what weed smokers call a cherry. That’s the bright red portion of a joint that stays lit. So start by applying flame only to the tip. Rotate the joint as you light it. You want the entire cylinder to ignite evenly and at the same time.

If you create a perfect cherry, your joint will burn smoothly and evenly the entire time. If you don’t, you risk canoeing your joint. That’s when a joint burns unevenly. Canoes can become a mess and can really ruin your smoking experience.

Once the entire tip of the joint has been lit, it is now is the step you’ve been waiting for, the first inhale. Rest the filter on the outside of your lips, instead of inside your mouth to avoid getting it too sloppy and wet. Inhaling a bit of oxygen along with the smoke is a good thing.

Deep inhales are not a good idea for your first try. If you have never smoked before, deep inhales will likely just lead to an embarrassing coughing fit. Instead of deeply inhaling, focus on taking short little puffs. While it might feel natural to hold the smoke in your mouth, you want to pull it into your lungs.

It’s just like drawing in a breath of fresh air, but this time it is marijuana smoke. Hold the smoke in your lungs for as long as possible. Don’t act crazy about it, but, the longer the better. Holding it in the lungs allows more THC to absorb into the bloodstream.

Step 5 – Puff, Puff Pass

When you take a hit on a joint, don’t be too aggressive. A constant and gentle pull will give you all the smoke you need and it won’t cause any weird changes in the way it’s burning.

If you havent smoked weed on a daily basis, it won’t take much to feel the effects. In fact, smoking is one of the quickest ways to absorb THC straight into the bloodstream.

Take it easy, and remember you can always smoke more, but you can never smoke less.

Stay Medicated!